Slot Machine - The "Crack Cocaine" of Gambling Addiction

As the title describes, slot machines are considered indeed the 'crack cocaine' of the addiction that is incurred by gambling activities. But why slot machines? What lies behind this mechanism of playing the slot machines so deep that it can be considered the mean through which one can get high in gambling?

The concept that has created these machines is run by what is psychologically known as "intermittent reinforcement" meaning that winning with these devices happens only on rare occasions. And when it does, it creates a certain obsession that draws after it more tendencies of playing.

More than this, through various studies it has been reached the conclusion that dopamine plays an important role in this sort of addiction. This is a chemical associated with the sensation of feeling good.

The mechanism of slot machines with their spinning and patterns leads to creating this chemical inside one's brain making one desire to play more. Not all the gamblers realize that through slot machines gambling there is not much that interest of winning money but rather to get the rush and feel that euphoria that enters in its rights when the wheel starts spinning.

To better emphasize this idea, we have to specify that many of the individuals suffering from Parkinson disease who are administered medication to increase the dopamine inside their brain, have become addicted to slot machines gambling. When this medication ceases to be administered, then they stop having this obsessive behavior towards gambling.

Why we compare slot machine gambling with crack cocaine? Because this drug is known to be the one that gives the highest level of addiction and so do the slot machines. Another reason for comparing these two is the fact that both of them accelerate the evolution of the addiction.

Why is gambling addiction with slot machines considered as the highest form of addiction with gambling? Read on and find out:

  • Psychologists have specifically designed these devices in order to attract people.
  • The new formats of multi-line electronic slot machines contain colors as well as graphics that are very stimulating and compelling to the eye.
  • Music is very stimulating as well with a strong suggestion that penetrates subliminally.
  • With the emerge of bonus rounds there is a great deal of rush involved even if there are many loses occurring.
  • The play has a speed that allows your adrenaline to pump faster.
  • With the jackpots there can be huge winnings, but they happen so rarely just for the sake to keep people gambling.
  • Slot machines can induce hypnosis inside your brain that is hard to resists to.
  • There are no skills involved in the play, making this gambling accessible to everyone.
  • Many ATMs are placed in the vicinity of slot machines for obvious reasons.
  • A lot of slot machines use from 1 to 5 cents to make gamblers think they do not spend too much money on their already outlined gambling addiction.

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