Returning to Gambling Activity - Things to Consider Before Doing It

Once you have quitted gambling, you could say to yourself that you wouldn't ever return to the table again until one day when your friends invite you for a casino gambling session.

Before deciding to accept their invitation there are some things that you need to consider, especially that you have managed to stay away from casino halls for many months already. Only the mere thought of going back to something that was destructive for you can make you decide to think twice before taking your car and head for the closest casino house.

Take a quick look to the following lines and give them a try:

  • Replay once again the feelings you used to have in the past when heading home with empty pockets. Keep this in mind and play it over and over again with the constant feeling of what was like to be broke and depressed. Recollect the compulsive gambling which resulted in the past car ride home.
  • Try to remember the faces of all those people who were desperately with losing; their unhappy composure when they realize they have lost and their desperate need to get more money and try their chances again. A person suffering from gambling addiction would look sad, lonely, desperate and without hope.
  • Recollect those frequent moments of losing at the table and then relate this to no-money situation when needing to pay the utility bills. Keep in your mind those times when you had to work extra hours and recover the monetary losses happened through gambling. Remember for how many times there were situations of taking cash in advance from ATMs emptying your chances to have extra money for other household necessities.
  • Remember how bad it was in that day that followed a gambling loss. You couldn't sleep properly, or eat as needed, having a hangover that brought an unpleasant feeling. Only with this memory refreshed in your mind and you could feel even worse making you think twice before heading the next casino house.
  • Keep in mind the feeling of losing your self-esteem thinking that you were worthless after each gambling activity. The feeling of guilt must be fresh in your mind considering that you have done this with your own hand: reaching to a self-destruction.

Many times these memories can trigger the desired effect mostly with people who are committed to stay away from gambling for good. They can also work with the uncertain ones, but there should be also paired with the support of those around them whom they love and respect. If you have already quitted gambling just take into account these tips from above and see how you can deal with the invitation of your friends next time when they call you for a casino gambling session.

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